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The automotive sector must attract a new generation of talent to remain in-step with technological innovation; and collaboration across the industry is vital to achieve this. The IMI works with educators, adult guardians, schools, and students to identify the immense career opportunities available in automotive. The Autotech Group provides a valuable pathway for newly qualified college leavers in securing their first automotive job. Now both organisations are uniting with The Automotive School of Thought to directly connect school-age children, schools, and guardians with employers.

At the heart of the initiative is the mission to give young people meaningful, hands-on workplace experience, at the same time creating a talent pipeline for employers to plug the skills gap.

The new partnership will facilitate the initial introduction between an automotive employer offering a work placement opportunity and pupils, schools, and guardians, capitalising on the resources of the IMI, including its Jobs website, and the industry connections of the Autotech Group. It will also showcase the automotive sector as an exciting career route, to change perceptions amongst young people before they enter further education.


Providing you with the support, tools, resources and information to complete an impactful and valuable experience of work for a young person, whilst helping to create a future talent pipeline for the automotive industry.


Providing you with the support, tools and information to arrange a valuable, impactful and meaningful experience of work for sixteen year olds.


Information, advice, search, apply and support to provide a meaningful, valuable, hands-on work experience of the exciting and dynamic automotive sector.

Parents, Carer or Guardian

Supporting your child to develop strong transferable skills and experience the workplace hands on, to aid decision making about their future career path.