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A unique opportunity for sixteen year old pupils to identify early skills and talent in the exciting world of automotive!


Our Work Experience Opportunities for school children are designed to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and provide hands-on learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. The IMI, School of Thought and Autotech Academy believe in cultivating a love for learning early on, and our unique initiative allows young minds to explore various fields, discover their passions, and gain valuable insights into the professional world of automotive.

Whether it's a day of interactive workshops, a week-long immersion in a specific subject or a tailored program to complement classroom studies, we are committed to creating engaging and educational experiences for every child. The program supports two of the Gatsby Benchmarks for good careers education in schools: Benchmark 5. Encounters with employers and employees Benchmark 6. Experiences of workplaces

We provide you with the tools, information and support that are required to arrange a valuable, impactful and meaningful work experience. Join us in nurturing a sense of wonder, encouraging curiosity, and building a foundation for a bright future.

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