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Head Of Fleet Shared Service And Logistics

Salary: £53,490 - £55,869 per annum

Location: Greater Manchester

Job type: Permanent


Greater Manchester Police is one of the largest police forces in the UK and is responsible for keeping its diverse population of almost 3 million safe, spread over more than 1,200 sq. km. Manchester in particular has been billed as the most diverse city in Europe with its population speaking at least 200 different languages, leading to the city being named as Britain’s “City of languages”.

Responsible for

  • Corporate and strategic management of activities force wide to assist the force in the achievement of its objectives.
  • Fleet Management for GMP.
  • Fleet Management for MCC.
  • Transport/Drivers/Duty Office (24 hours).
  • Vehicle Recovery Scheme.
  • Uniform and Equipment logistics.

Aim of job

  • Service delivery in all areas of Transport and Fleet Management for GMP and MCC (Fleet and Taxi Testing/Compliance).
  • Responsible for the delivery of all operational services to the agreed service level whether delivered in-house or by a Service Provider.
  • Oversees the Service Portfolio, sets the Service Strategy and the approach to Fleet and Transport Management functions.
  • Optimises the delivery of services to improve quality and value for money.
  • Provides visible and active leadership in the management of change within the Business Support Services Branch.
  • Develops and promotes Fleet and Transport policies, practices and decisions which recognise the current and evolving needs of all the stakeholders.
  • Proactive decision making to ensure compliance in all activities, create value and operational effectiveness on behalf of GMP and MCC.

Politically restricted post

This is a politically restricted post.

Main duties and responsibilities

Management of Fleet Shared Service and Logistics

  • Responsible for the Fleet and Transport Management Service function, ensuring all sub-functions effectively plan, organise and monitor activities to meet strategic and operational business demands, whilst ensuring alignment to Force/MCC strategy.
  • Measures, reports and evaluates Fleet and Transport Management functions performance against set objectives and enacts remedial actions where required.
  • Provides a consistent Business Support/MCC management approach across the sub-functions, covering a broad range of management processes including; organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, performance expectations and risk management.
  • Optimises performance by identifying relevant future trends and innovative solutions/services to fulfil business needs. Acts as a champion of continual service improvement, actively developing and updating strategies, policies and processes.
  • Forecasts demand for Fleet and Transport functions and anticipate major business changes to ensure sufficient resource capabilities are available to support GMP/MCC in achieving its objectives.
  • Responsible for the management of the Fleet and Transport Services aspects of a major incident at silver and gold level.
  • Accountable for the design and implementation of standard service levels and support processes across the service providers, including providing oversight and the point of escalation for the both in-house provided services and outsourced maintenance services.
  • Development of specifications for a range of fleet and transport related services and goods ready for tender.  Subsequent evaluation and management of contracts to ensure service delivery and value for money.


  • Supports the establishment and communication of the Business Support Services Branch vision, strategies, objectives, policies and processes for how Fleet and Transport Management can support the business, ensuring their alignment with the Policing Strategy, vision and goals. Collaborates with stakeholders ensuring they are up-to date, owned and governed and that performance against these is measured and regularly reported upon.
  • Plays an active role within governance, representing Business Support Services Branch at boards and meetings. Ensures governance mechanisms and authorities are in place to direct, monitor and evaluate compliance against set objectives.  Represents the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) providing advice, direction and problem resolution ensuring the Branch can meets its objectives.
  • Continually evaluates the provision of Business Support Services Branch services and makes recommendations for continued development.
  • Maintains relationships with leaders within policing, other government agencies, and relevant commercial organisations to both contribute to best practice, and elicit best practice from other leading practitioners.
  • Designs the services to be able to adapt to the future changes of the business, so that change lifecycle is delivered quickly, successfully and with reduced risk.
  • Supports the establishment and communication of MCC vision, strategies, objectives, policies and processes for how Fleet and Taxi Compliance Testing support the overall business.  Represents MCC at various high level meetings.

Budget Management

  • Sources funding by working with Finance Branch/MCC, demonstrating alignment with Policing/MCC strategy and operational demands, and forecasting value for money.
  • Plans, manages and reports on business as usual programme budgets as well as other assigned budgets. Liaises with the Branch SFA in regards to budget management.
  • Generates and manages income for GMP through the vehicle recovery scheme and for MCC from the taxi compliance testing.
  • Adheres to and promotes the use of financial policies and procedures as set out by the Force/MCC, including those set for the procurement of goods and services.
  • A member of SLT Budget Meeting who considers the overall budget performance. Monitors and manages expenditure, ensuring that all financial targets are met, and examining any areas where budgets and expenditure exceed their agreed tolerances. Assists with the definition and operation of effective financial control and decision making, especially in the areas of service, projects and compliance cost models and the allocation and apportionment the allocated budgets.
  • Attend budget meetings on behalf of MCC.

Compliance & Risk Management

Holds responsibility for Compliance and mitigation of risks within Fleet and Transport Management Operations for Fleet maintenance and maintains the compliance register.

Ensures processes are in place to monitor Compliance and report on these to the Branch Head/MCC as agreed under the schemes of governance and delegated authority.

Ensures monitoring of legislation and compliance requirements to maintain GMP/MCC assets in order to take proactive and reactive measures to manage and minimise risk.

Business Continuity

  • Holds overall responsibility within the section for Business Continuity Management as it affects the Business in relation to planning and service delivery in compliance with the Civil Contingencies Act.  
  • Ensures service continuity of new and existing services is tested on an appropriate cycle.
  • A member of the Business Continuity Team at tactical level, which produces business strategy for the Branch.
  • Represents the Branch at the Force Business Continuity Steering Group, which oversees the continued development and maintenance of the Forcewide business continuity programme. The group provides strategic direction, advice and guidance to Force Command on business continuity issues. They also ensure business continuity is embedded across the organisation and raise the awareness to business continuity management processes.

Service Provision

  • Responsible for the development and delivery of service specifications for Fleet and Transport Management services, reshaping services in the light of customer feedback and financial performance, and apportioning operational resource accordingly.
  • Devise and develop performance management tools to measure customer satisfaction indices and report meaningfully on the services delivered.
  • Ensure a formalised performance management system is fully adopted and implemented throughout the work area, including agreed targets and twice yearly performance reviews with appropriate documentation.
  • Responsible for advising the Branch Head/MCC regarding any changes in working practice and organisation within the operational area that may become necessary to meet customer need and the aspirations of the Force/MCC.
  • Responsible to the Branch Head/MCC for the efficient organisation and control of all staff within the operational area, in line with force policies and procedures, including delegated responsibility for handling disciplinary, grievance and absence management issues.
  • The establishment and maintenance of good working relationships with the Shop Stewards of Trade Unions representing employees within the operational area in order to improve Industrial Relations.
  • Working with others within GMP
  • Works with SLT colleagues and Force subject matter experts to agree standards and policy for service levels and service management.
  • Works with SLT colleagues to agree the Business Support Services components of the Force’s Strategic Financial Outlook and Corporate Revenue budgets.
  • Working with others within MCC
  • Works with MCC colleagues and subject matter experts to agree standards and policy for service levels, service management and financial planning.


  • Provides cover for the Branch Head and to represent the Branch and the Force, locally, regionally and nationally, servicing appropriate service wide committees and working parties.

GMP Awareness

  • Has a firm understanding of the Policing Strategy, vision, goals and objectives.


  • To promote and comply with GMP's/MCC’s policies on health and safety both in the delivery of services and the treatment of others.
  • Comply with and promote equality legislation and GMP's/MCC’s policies on diversity and equality. Take steps to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.
  • To comply with the requirements of GMP's policies on Drug and Alcohol testing – requirements in respect of specific posts/ roles are described in the policies which are available on the Intranet/SharePoint.
  • To fully participate in GMP’s development review process.
  • To manage staff development, performance and attendance using appropriate GMP/MCC policies and procedures (different policies and terms and conditions for staff).
  • To promote and comply with Business Continuity Management as it affects GMP in relation to planning and service delivery in compliance with the Civil Contingencies Act.
  • All staff and officers must adhere to and comply with Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Human Rights legislation and the Authorised Professional Practice (Information Management).  It is the responsibility of all staff and officers to maintain data quality and security. Therefore when inputting, updating and using GMP information, you are to ensure that it is Accurate, Adequate, Relevant and Timely (AART), and that it is used / disclosed for business purposes only and kept secure. The most current guidance and advice in respect of compliance with the legislation and information / records management standards can be found on the Information Management Intranet site/Information Services SharePoint site.
  • Supervisors and managers have the additional responsibility of ensuring that staff undertake the appropriate training and fully understand and apply the required Force/MCC policy, procedures and information / records management standards in the course of their duties. Supervisors and managers should ensure that staff / officers understand their responsibilities in maintaining data quality and security and have appropriate processes in place to monitor compliance.
  • To carry out such other duties which are consistent with the nature, responsibilities and grading of the post.


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